Connects Directly to eBay

Connects Directly to eBay

Download all of your sold, unsold, and active listings.
Modify listing quantity and selling price of active
listings or relist unsold items with updated quantities
and price directly from the sheet!

14 Day Risk-Free Trial

14 Day Risk-Free Trial

Try it today with no risk.  Cancel at any time with no charges.

Quick Data Widgets

Quick Data Widgets

Setup 9 data widgets on the dashboard to personalize your data. Select multiple data points/time frames: eBay fees, profit, etc.

Fast & Friendly Support If You Need It

Fast & Friendly Support If You Need It

Most questions can be answered the same day; we know your time is important.

Seller Dashboard

Seller Dashboard

It’s your homepage to quickly jump to any point in the
spreadsheet. Maximize the viewable window size with
“full screen” mode!

Powerful Analytics Reporting at Your Fingertips

Powerful Analytics Reporting at Your Fingertips

Track your Key Performance Indicators, eBay fees, costs, etc with automatically generated suite of printer friendly analytic reports.

What can MyCostPro do to help me as an eBay seller?

Firstly, what exactly is MyCostPro?

MyCostPro is an interactive spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel that helps you manage selling on eBay.  Keeping track of listed products and completed sales can be a real hassle.  Tracking income and expenses relating to eBay sales can be daunting.  Making sense of all the data can be maddening!  Well, MyCostPro will handle these tasks and more, allowing you, the seller, to simplify your life and focus on the details that matter to your business.

We think you’ll agree…

Time is one of your most valuable assets. We intend to put more time in your pockets with MyCostPro.
MyCostPro is an eBay spreadsheet unlike any other; Eloquent and responsive, it was built from the ground up to revolutionize the way that eBay sellers keep track of their sales and determine their true seller performance by tracking profit/loss.

Never before have eBay sellers been able to so easily access, understand, analyze, and trend the Key Performance Indicators critical to profitable sales on eBay, as they can now with MyCostPro. These are some of the same business analytic Key Performance Indicators which are utilized by all successful retail businesses, worldwide.  All of this is now available to you through MyCostPro with the click of a mouse button.

With the click of a button…

As an official eBay Certified App, MyCostPro will securely download all of your account’s eBay sales information from up to 3 months in the past.
With a single click, MyCostPro will download the item descriptions, eBay and PayPal/Managed Payment fees, selling price, sales and shipping dates, transaction numbers, package tracking number hyper-linked to the carrier tracking website, as well as customer user ID, name, email address*, shipping address, etc, etc!
*buyer email address is not available for full 90 days, but once you click to download, you can keep it forever in the sheet

And we didn’t stop there!  A single click in MyCostPro can download all of your Active Listing details.  Some of the data automatically retrieved includes: Item number, listing description, BIN price, current bid price, quantity available, high bidder user ID, shipping options and shipping prices, etc.

Did we mention you can change your listing quantity, listing price, and/or SKU from the Active Listing tab within MyCostPro? Yes, that’s right! You can adjust your inventory quantities and prices in bulk in MyCostPro without having to go to your eBay account. Similarly, you can easily view unsold listings when they expire and relist unsold items with the option of modifying quantity and price…all without having to leave MyCostPro!

Enhanced speed is provided at no additional cost…

Are you a large seller with lots of sales data? MyCostPro can help speed up the download of all your sales data from eBay. With speeds up to 1800% faster than the standard eBay API call speed, MyCostPro can help you get your data quickly and reliably!

Combine Multiple eBay Seller Accounts in one place!

MyCostPro now supports up to three eBay seller accounts! Why fumble with multiple tables and reports for multiple seller accounts? With MyCostPro, You can download sales data for all of your eBay accounts into a single sortable table. All of your profit and loss and reporting information will include data from all of your accounts in one convenient place! We offer the ability to incorporate additional accounts at a substantially discounted rate compared to separate subscriptions.

Your data belongs to you!

We believe your eBay sales data belongs to you! Your privacy is very important to us, so MyCostPro does not store any of your personal sales information on our system. Data backups are important, but we think you should be empowered to elect how to backup your sensitive information. That’s why with MyCostPro, your sales data is only stored on your personal computer!

Use powerful queries to filter and study your sales!

Utilize simple, yet powerful built-in queries to comb through your sales data to study categorized profit and loss information. With the Pro Query feature, you can filter using 10 different criteria to look at any dataset of interest to help you better focus your selling efforts on the listings that bring you the most profit. Query sales using filters based on custom date ranges, item description, category, state sold, specific buyer, individual commission clients, and more. You can export the itemized results from your query or even snapshot the result summary to share your selling victories on social media!

Don’t get caught off-guard at tax time!

MyCostPro offers printable, fully-automated business reports to help you with your taxes.  If you need a P&L statement for your eBay sales, MyCostPro generates it automatically! In addition to tracking income and fees associated with sales, MyCostPro also tracks your business expenses, and they are automatically funneled into the Profit and Loss reports that you can generate for custom time-frames. Getting organized during your end-of-year tax scramble has never been easier than with the MyCostPro eBay accounting spreadsheet!

MyCostPro provides flexibility to change with your needs as a seller…

Do you already have MyCostPro account associated with an eBay seller account but need to add additional ones? Do you want to upgrade to our new Powerseller tier? You can make changes to your subscription options at any time if your needs change on our change subscription page. Did you stop selling on eBay or decide MyCostPro no longer suits your business needs? Go to our cancel subscription page to cancel anytime!

Get started for the low, low price of…FREE!

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