MyCostPro Affiliate Program

Get paid up to $6 for each new user you introduce to MyCostPro!

When a new user uses your personal 14 Day Free trial Coupon Code and follows up with a paid subscription after the free trial.

MyCostPro paid Yearly Subscription ($59.99) Commission:  $6
MyCostPro paid Monthly Subscription ($5.99) Commission:  $5
  1. You will get a unique 14 Day Free Trial coupon code for you to share
  2. You can request either a personalized or “generic” code (your choice)
  3. Commission is earned when user enters into a paid subscription at the end of the 14 day trial
  4. Commission to be paid the ~15th of the month following the paid subscription start*
  5. Payment will be made through Paypal; we will cover the fees on our end!
  6. Accumulated commissions will be payed only on the designated day each month
  7. Affiliates must be signing up legitimate users in good faith
  8. You must provide an unaltered active hyper-link to for your audience
  9. You must not make any claim of employment, partnership, ownership or other
  10. If your audience asks if you will make a commission you must be truthful
  11. Use of Spam or other unwelcome means of distribution of this offer will result in immediate removal from the Affiliate Program
  12. The Program payment details and or rules may change in the future
  13. Affiliate commission will not be paid toward your own personal subscription payment (sorry!)
  14. Violation of any rules will result in removal from Program
  15. Email for additional questions or fill out the form below to SIGN UP!
Customer uses your coupon code to start a free trial on Jan. 15
That customer starts a 1 year paid subscription 14 days later, Jan. 29
You will be paid $6 commission on Feb. 15

Customer uses your coupon code to start a free trail on Jan. 31
That customer starts a monthly paid subscription 14 days later, Feb. 14
You will be Paid $5 commission on Mar. 15

Customer uses your coupon code to start a free trial on Feb. 1
That customer does not enter into a paid subscription at the end of 14 days
No commission will be paid in this instance