Thank you!

Welcome to the MyCost Family!
You can follow the short steps below or watch them animated in this tutorial to get started.

You will get an email very shortly containing your download key, and a link to download the spreadsheet.

After you get the email:

  • Copy the download key to your clipboard (highlight it, and hit ctrl-C)
  • Follow the link to the download page
  • Scroll down to the section “Get Started Now: Redeem Your Purchase Code”
  • Paste the download code into that field
  • Type in the ebay UserID that you will be using with MyCostPro
  • Click Download

You may now see your web browser attempt to block a pop-up… this pop-up is the spreadsheet download, so click to allow it.
If you are given a choice to Open, or Save the file, you will need to select Save. Save the file to somewhere where you will be able to locate it later.
When you open the spreadsheet you may see the following – followed by the step to take:

  • Spreadsheet is in ‘Protected mode’ – you will need to click to exit ‘protected mode’
  • Macros are not allowed due to security settings – you can temporarily allow them for now, and they can permanently be allowed in the settings if you wish

Once you have the spreadsheet open, look to the top right of the screen. If you do not see a black button that says “full screen”, then you are most likely not using a wide-screen monitor and you will need to utilize the horizontal scrollbar.

If you need more help, be sure to check out our tutorials or talk to us in the forum or using our contact page.